A Closer Look at Motor Scooters

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I a tough world economy, the high price of gasoline only adds to the pain. We have seen as prices have jumped almost 100% in just two years in most major cities in the world. This is not to mention that inflation continues to eat at real wages. Against this backdrop, we cannot be surprised if people begin to seek ways and means of saving money. One of the ways of doing this is cutting down either on travel or on the means of travel. That is why many are turning to scooters, mopeds and mobility scooters.

These forms of transport modes save on gasoline and therefore many people are choosing them over fueled powered vehicles. Another reason is that they are environmental-friendly. A third reason is simply because they are fun especially when the weather permits.

Scooters afford a tremendous amount of independence as compared to regular vehicles. Imagine being able to ride even through the back woods where a car generally cannot go. The sense of adventure is exhilarating. One added boon of scooters and mopeds is that even people who have physical limitations which disqualify them from driving a regular motor vehicle can now get around. Before the advent of scooters, people with physical disabilities had to wait until someone would drive them around in a motor vehicle. This tended to be a huge inconvenience.

Motor scooters are the way to go if you want to enjoy your commute as well as save money. The cost aspect of operating a scooter cannot be overstated. They are extremely cost efficient in that one can get around the same way he or she would in a car but in a much more fuel-efficient manner. The machines are also easy to maintain and do not cost a fortune to repair unlike the motor vehicle which can remain ground for days at a garage because the owner does not have the necessary funds.

Motor scooters are also easy to store. One does not need a lot of space. If one has a garage that already has a car or two, it is no hard thing to squeeze a motor scooter or even two inside the same garage. Most people use their garages for multiple purposes. While they were primarily designed as a place for parking one's car, people also use them to store items that would otherwise clutter the house. A scooter can easily fit inside regardless of what other items are stored.

Scooters have a few disadvantages. One is the fact that they cannot be the ideal method of transportation is the weather is bad. In snowy, stormy weather, the regular car scores big against the scooter. The scooter is also much slower than a car. If you are doing a long commute, you might want to think of leaving home in good time. Scooters can also be unsafe especially in a crash. A car is much safer especially in small to moderate crashes.

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A Closer Look at Motor Scooters

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This article was published on 2010/04/02