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Choosing a disability scooter may seem a daunting task, with so many features to choose from. By keeping in mind a few key considerations, the buyer may whittle down the options to the most suitable candidates quite quickly.

Your first consideration will be budget. Bear in mind that the user will spend a considerable amount of time in their disability scooter over the weeks, months and years to come so their comfort will be very important.

The weight capacity of the scooter will need to be taken into consideration.

Three wheel scooters have a smaller turning circle and more leg-room. Four wheel scooters are more comfortable over rougher terrain.

Size of the scooter will be a consideration. If the scooter is to be used for shopping trips and taken into the shops, a compact scooter will be appropriate so that the user can move around the store with ease. If, however, the scooter is to be used for walking the dog across rough and hilly terrain, a larger framed, more powerful electric scooter will suit the user's needs better. If the disability scooter is to be used for both of these purposes, then a compromise between the two should be sought.

You will need to consider how far the user will be travelling and select the scooter with the appropriate range. Most disability scooters can comfortably travel eight miles over flat terrain, but range can be affected by various external factors such as the weight of the user, temperature, flatness of the route travelled. Realistically, the range will be shortened by a few miles less if conditions are less than optimum.

Will the user need to carry the electric scooter at all? Disability scooters range in weight from 20 lbs up to 100 lbs. If the user will need to move the disability scooter manually, then their physical capabilities will need to be taken into account.

There range of disability scooters on the market is vast. Some models of disability scooter come with a range of special features, such as adjustable head rests, lift up arm rests, puncture proof tyres and reverse warning alarms.

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Buying a Disability Scooter

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This article was published on 2010/03/27