Motor Scooter Maintenance Tips

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Just like you use preventive maintenance for your house or car, it is also beneficial for your scooter. By following the following motor scooter maintenance tips, you will have a reliable means of transportation that will last for years!

Perhaps the most important item of maintenance is to regularly check the oil level and change the oil at frequent intervals. Changing the oil at least every 1000 miles is a good idea. The oil capacity is less than 1 liter and so an oil change costs about $3 and takes about 5 minutes. It's cheap insurance to keep your engine running for as long as possible. It is also recommended to change the transmission oil every 2000 miles or 6 months. See owners manual for your motor scooter.

Perhaps the easiest item of scooter maintenance is checking tire pressure regularly. It is very important maintain proper air pressure in the tires since a scooter only has two wheels and tire problems can lead more easily to a loss of control and possible injury. Look for wear in the tire and at the value stem for cracks or splits.

Check all joints, hinges and quick releases to ensure the scooter is properly assembled. Stop using the product immediately if any joint, hinge, or quick release becomes loose. Correct the looseness prior to resuming the ride. Though a standard maintenance schedule calls for checking bolt tightness every 1000 miles or 6 months, it certainly doesn't hurt to do it more frequently.

Your owner manual will provide a maintenance schedule in regards in changing your oils, filters, spark plugs and other scooter parts. You should always consult your owner manual as certain things such as fuel mixture or tire pressure may vary from scooter to scooter. A little Motor Scooters maintenance will go a long way in avoiding repair expenses and keep you enjoying the ride for many years to come!

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Motor Scooter Maintenance Tips

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This article was published on 2010/04/03