The Rise of the Scooter

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In order to understand how and why this shift occurred, the differences between the moped and the scooter must be considered. The vehicles are placed in separate classes based upon the size of their engines. A moped features an engine of less than 50cc, but a scooter is defined by an engine that is 50cc’s or greater.

License requirements and safety regulations are more stringent for scooter operators than they are for moped owners, and mopeds are less expensive.

The scooter’s surge in popularity, however, suggests that its benefits far outweigh these inconveniences. Unlike the moped of the past, scooters can function to eliminate time-consuming walks or to replace the car.

A scooter is, first an economical mode of transportation, especially by comparison to a car. Its low purchase price, and minimal operating costs make it a favourable option in the fragile world economy. For buyers who wish to avoid gasoline and oil costs completely, electric models are available. Scooter users do their part to protect the environment. Using little or no gas or oil equals fewer emissions.

Scooters also offer convenience and versatility uncharacteristic of the moped. Students zipping across campus or businesspeople getting the most out of their lunch breaks are taking advantage of these efficient vehicles.

City-dwellers find highway-ready scooters are excellent for manoeuvring heavy traffic, parking and avoiding hefty fines. Rural residents, too, comfortably use scooters on long commutes.Scooters are also very cheap to insure and register in Australia, most riders choose a scooter insurance policy as they are usually cheaper than polices for motorbikes.

As the scooter wave continues to rise, another group of riders has established itself scooter racers. Like many others, racers point out that their blossoming sport is very economical. Scooter racing draws a crowd of enthusiastic, fun-loving fans. The racing scooters can also cover the commute to work!

A common denominator of all scooter users is that they have fun. No matter what the practical purpose of riding, everyone enjoys the carefree feeling of riding a scooter.

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The scooter has a long history and have become a popular mode of transportation in recent years. Take care and have fun when you ride and get scooter insurance to protect you in the event of an accident.

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The Rise of the Scooter

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This article was published on 2009/09/15