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Three wheel scooters provide the disabled and the elderly with the ability to get from place to place without relying on other people to help them get around. You can regain your independence and feel the joy of taking control of your own life.

A 3-wheel mobility scooter has two wheels in the back and a separate wheel in the front that allows for simple navigation. It has the ability to make tight turns thanks to the independent motion of the single front wheel.

3 wheel scooters allow for plenty of legroom which is a convenience if you are tall or are prone to leg stiffness. They are also more comfortable than many compact models.

The three-wheel mobility scooter has an electric motor that uses rechargeable batteries. As an owner, you should recharge the batteries if you dont use the scooter for an extended period of time. However, the latest models will give you a warning when the battery is low allowing plenty of time to return home to recharge your scooter battery. You may also consider purchasing extra supplementary batteries so that you will always have a battery charged up and ready to go.

A few points to consider before purchasing a mobility scooter are:

Will the scooter be comfortable? Consider the legroom and the lumbar support that you will need. You may want to consider a swivel seat that will make it easier to get on and off.

Will you be using it for indoor, outdoor travel, or both?

Do you have any limitations around your home? Think about things such as the width of your front door or gate, and your hallways.

Will it need to be transportable? Certain models can fold down to fit into the trunk of a car, or be assembled and disassembled without needing tools.

Will Medicare or your insurance provider cover the purchase?

Making an informed decision will allow you to enjoy your mobility scooter for many years to come.

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Three Wheel Scooters

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This article was published on 2011/02/15